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Zephyr’s Unprecedented Support Team

At Zephyr Real Estate, we know that agents work tirelessly to improve their business. We also know that, with the right support, an agent doesn’t have to be isolated in that effort. We make sure that our agents have access to our 35+ years of knowledge and expertise. With our extensive resources and services, agents are able to expand their business beyond what any individual could accomplish. That is the power of having a highly trained support team and an established brand behind you.

For all incoming agents, either new to real estate or new to Zephyr, we begin with extensive training courses that include crafting a tailored business plan, creating marketing materials, generating referrals, and finding an effective time management system. However, our agent-support extends far beyond just training. Upon arriving at Zephyr, all agents receive:

  • Service-forward support staff that includes company wide marketing and technical support, fully staffed offices for face-to-face assistance, and on-site transaction coordinators
  • Complete access to the Zephyr management team for transaction, business and marketing support
  • Assistance building an agent website with direct connections to Zephyr functionality
  • Access to the technology director to optimize your interface with Zephyr’s proprietary technology
  • Market Statistics in a variety of formats for educational and marketing purposes

Zephyr Real Estate has been the prime choice for agents for over three decades. Zephyr supports our agent community with a dynamic environment, unmatched support and benefits, cutting-edge marketing and technology tools, and agent development. We help our agents stay one step ahead of the curve. Joining Zephyr Real Estate means joining the #1 real estate brand in the Bay Area real estate market. Are you ready to stay ahead of the curve? Join the Zephyr team today.

Zephyr is known throughout the Bay Area for its extensive local knowledge, experience and resources.

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