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Who’s Who in Financing and Mortgages

Zephyr Real Estate is an established Bay Area real estate leader. One of the key components to our success is our willingness to share expert knowledge; we want every agent to become the best REALTOR® she can be. We know that the rules of the real estate world can be tricky. That’s why our new agent training and ongoing development training break down daunting concepts so agents can apply them with confidence. These training topics include finances and mortgages, essential components of clear, effective communication with clients.

Zephyr’s mortgage and finance training explains the ‘who’s who’ by breaking down the roles that loan officers, underwriters, mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers play in the industry. Our trained specialists explain the intricacies of the mortgage industry, including:

  • Prequalification vs. pre-approval
  • Types of loans involved for buyers
  • Seamlessly guiding buyers through the qualification process

We want to empower agents with our expertise. In addition to training, every Zephyr agent has access to a highly trained support staff, the expert Zephyr management team, extensive marketing materials and resources, and full-service technological support. Guiding our agents through the intricacies of real estate is just as important as their role in leading clients through the buying and selling process. Ready to become an industry expert? Join the Zephyr team today.

Zephyr is known throughout the Bay Area for its extensive local knowledge, experience and resources.

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