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Q&A with V.P. of Strategic Services Steve De La Peña

Zephyr Real Estate V.P. of Strategic Services Steve De La Peña recently sat down for an interview about the training and support at Zephyr Real Estate. Below are select excerpts from the interview.

Zephyr Careers: Why did you initially join Zephyr?

Steve De La Peña: One of the main reasons I joined was the strength of the management team. A great group of people, really bright, and above all else committed to providing support for the agents. It’s also a great culture, and we’re focused on keeping the culture consistent. It’s all about supporting the agents, and we hire excellent staff and focus our efforts on training the staff so they can support the agents in marketing, technology, any of the duties that would support them in promoting their business.

ZC: What does Zephyr offer that other companies don’t?

SD: It’s a combination of that support – I don’t know any company that trains their staff to do that kind of in-person support for their agents – and in addition to that we have a remarkable educational offering, from new agents, to agents who are medium producers, to programs for top producers; regular, ongoing educational opportunities, usually offering meetings once or twice a month dedicated towards education. I don’t know of any other company that provides both the quality of education we provide as well as the quantity of education we provide. Among other things, we offer a program called “The Clinic,” which is a six-week intensive coaching program for experienced agents to help them take their business to the next level. The results of that program are incredible. Fifty percent of agents who go through The Clinic have the best year of their careers the twelve months following the program.

ZC: And I’ve heard agents support other agents as well?

SD: Absolutely. You have firms where it’s kind of dog eat dog, where agents are afraid to share because “gee, this person might take something I show them and use it against me.” For the most part, that’s not the case here. People are willing to share; we have successful agents who are willing to lead seminars to show other agents what they do to be successful. And that’s unusual in the real estate business, because everyone tries to protect what they do, so they think they have an edge.

ZC: How does the culture compare to other real estate companies in the area?

SD: I’d say it’s very different, because on one hand we do stress performance and production, but we also stress family, in the sense that we take care of each other. We have without a doubt more fun than any company I’ve ever been a part of, and that’s saying something because I’ve been with companies that are a lot of fun. We also have a very accessible leadership team. Any agent can call me and ask for help, or call Randall, or Matthew. And we always respond. So they get support from the whole leadership team.

ZC: What does Zephyr do to help agents prepare for a changing market?

SD: As a company we’re looking at what we have to do to stay competitive, which also means we look at the cycles of the market. We try to stay ahead of them, and sit down with the agents about our different educational offerings, and explain “this is where we are now, and this is where we think we’re going” so we can prepare them to stay ahead of the market, and add the skills they will need to compete in that new market. Whether it’s REOs, or they need to be prepared to deal with buyers in a competitive market, or negotiating skills in a more balanced market, whatever it is we are focused on training our agents so they are prepared.

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