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Networking, Networking, Networking

In real estate connections are essential. After all, a salesperson’s selling potential won’t go far without a strong network of clients and colleagues. At Zephyr Real Estate, incoming agents are immediately supplied a well-established network of Bay Area realtors, homeowners, and other Real Estate industry professionals. By providing agents with a central hub of tools, learning, and community, as well as the resources to effectively maintain business relationships, Zephyr gives agents the perfect platform to thrive in real estate.

For a skilled REALTOR®, every interaction has the potential to generate business. Zephyr helps prepare and equip new agents to seize these opportunities. In new agent training, Zephyr maps out the process of finding clients and successfully leading them through buying or selling their homes. By tapping into their already established networks from other facets of their life, new agents can discover a wealth of referrals waiting for them.

Once an agent is aware of how to diplomatically leverage personal and business relationships, her network begins to grow. Zephyr then provides the technological tools as well as expert data to continue to cultivate this network. Zephyr’s new agent training, ongoing education, cutting-edge marketing tools and proprietary market knowledge place agents in the prime location for career success. Join the Zephyr team today and begin expanding your network.

Zephyr is known throughout the Bay Area for its extensive local knowledge, experience and resources.

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