Zephyr Careers


Because we are a destination company, we have deep experience in helping agents achieve a smooth and successful move to Zephyr. We recommend that prior to your move you meet with our technology and marketing staff to assure a smooth transition. Along with your new sales manager, they will help you develop a new marketing and transition plan BEFORE you arrive at Zephyr.

Upon arrival at Zephyr, you will also receive the following services:

  • Your new office manager will assist with your immediate marketing needs including business cards, open house signs, transferring listings, and more.
  • Your new sales manager will assist you with crafting a business and marketing plan and will connect you with the relevant resources needed for you to execute on your plan.
  • Your new technology team will assist with the transfer of client contact data from your old company and optimize your interface with Zephyr’s technology systems.
  • Your new marketing team will assist with:
    – Recommendations for professional photographers for business portraits.
    – Creation or updates to your personal bio.
    – Initial setup of your free Zephyr agent site.