Zephyr Careers

Making the Move FAQ

Q: How long does it take to move to Zephyr from my current company?

A: Less than 30 minutes!

Q: What if I have an active listing with my current company?

A: Every real estate company handles the departure of their agents a little differently. It is very important that you carefully review any written policies and procedures in place at your current company.

  • Properties that are in escrow: All firms require listings that are already in contract to remain with them through completion of the transaction.
  • Listings that are NOT in escrow: If your current company will allow you to move your unsold listings you may, with your seller’s approval, formally cancel the listing agreement and re-sign a new listing with Zephyr Real Estate.
  • For any other issues regarding active listings, consult with your new Zephyr sales manager.
Q: What if I work at a company that provides leads to me? Are those leads mine to keep working on at Zephyr?

A: This will likely be spelled out in your current company’s policies and procedures documentation. Many firms that provide leads to their agents have very specific restrictions on your rights and responsibilities.

Q: What should I watch out for in my move?

A: Many brokerages reduce agent compensation rates based on a departure midway through a transaction. Be sure you know where you stand on this. It is not uncommon for brokerages to solicit the customer base of agents who have left the company. Check on your company’s data policy and any specific policies concerning departing agents. Make sure clients can reach you.

Q: Where can I read reviews from current and past Zephyr agents and employees?

A: Find us on Glassdoor