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Becoming a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, controlling your own business can feel both empowering and, at times, overwhelming. Fortunately, real estate agents possess the unique opportunity to join forces with an established, real estate brand like Zephyr Real Estate. At Zephyr Real Estate we believe that it is our job to match a new agent’s drive to grow his or her business with dedication to agent training and support.

New Agent Training

At Zephyr Real Estate we believe in the power of mentorship. We understand that being a REALTOR® means wearing many hats. That is why we provide unrivaled support for new and transitioning agents. During new agent training, we ground our agents in the basics of business management by unraveling the mysteries of real estate, resulting in agents being better equipped to build their index of skills. We want agents to feel confident in embracing each new challenge with the support of our local experts.

Continued Support

After training, we continue to provide support and access to expert ideas and opinions so that agents can become their very best market analyst, client advisor, and deal closer. While each agent controls her own business decisions, Zephyr is always there to provide in-office support staff; full-service technical assistance; cutting-edge marketing department; a user-friendly, online marketing suite; and continued educational training.

Our job at Zephyr Real Estate is to provide unwavering support for our agents to set them up for success at every turn. Ready to enhance your career? Partner with Zephyr Real Estate today.

Zephyr is known throughout the Bay Area for its extensive local knowledge, experience and resources.

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