Zephyr Careers


Ongoing education is a must for any business plan. Business climates change and agent needs evolve according to their career stage. To address these needs we offer a tremendous variety of educational resources.

  • Morning Meet-ups: Company-wide training sessions held at the start of the workday. Topics covered are timely to the market and may include: new home construction, changes in tenant laws, financing, technology, seller objections, etc.
  • Technology and Marketing Training: Conducted in small groups, large sessions, and webinars, which are available as videos in our resource library. Topics covered include: optimizing use of Google App Suite, utilizing TouchCMA for buyer presentations, getting started with a CRM, new strategies in social media, and more.
  • Annual Business Development Intensive: Covers business planning, networking, improving client contact skills and business expansion.
  • Back-to-Basics Training: Designed to reboot your approach and get your business back on track.
  • Office Roundtables: Small gatherings to keep skills and knowledge current on transactional matters and tech updates.
  • Risk Management Program: We are proud of our comprehensive risk management program which involves ongoing education, tips and several events throughout the year featuring both Zephyr management and outside speakers on relevant, timely topics.
  • New Agent and Assistant Training: The most extensive and comprehensive in the Bay Area with over 60 hours of intensive training conducted in small class sizes and taught by our experienced sales managers and marketing and technology team.