Zephyr Careers


SFARMLS: What is It? How Does it Work? How can it Help Me?

At Zephyr, we recognize that industry lingo is both intimidating and essential. That is why we strongly encourage new agents to ask the questions “what is that? How does it work? How can it help me?” After all, that’s what training is for. We break down our new agent training into easily understood classes, separated by topic, so agents… continue reading »

Who’s Who in Financing and Mortgages

Zephyr Real Estate is an established Bay Area real estate leader. One of the key components to our success is our willingness to share expert knowledge; we want every agent to become the best REALTOR® she can be. We know that the rules of the real estate world can be tricky. That’s why our new agent training and ongoing development… continue reading »

Networking, Networking, Networking

In real estate connections are essential. After all, a salesperson’s selling potential won’t go far without a strong network of clients and colleagues. At Zephyr Real Estate, incoming agents are immediately supplied a well-established network of Bay Area realtors, homeowners, and other Real Estate industry professionals. By providing agents with a central hub of tools, learning, and community, as… continue reading »